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Chapter II : Scope Of Mark

Part One

Article 2
Mark as regulated in this law shall include Trade Mark and Service Mark.

Article 3
The rights of a Mark is the exclusive rights given by the Country to the owner of the Mark registered in the General List of Marks for a certain period by using self said Mark or permit other party to use it.

Part Two
The marks which shall not be registered and those which shall be rejected

Article 4
Mark shall not be registered based on Application applied by Applicant with a bad faith.

Article 5
A mark shall not be registered if it contains one of the following elements :
  1. being against valid law regulation, religious morality, decent morality, or public order;

  2. having no distinguishing power;

  3. having been public property; or

  4. constituting the explanation being related to the goods or services for which registration is applied.

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